業種Production / Distribution / Advertising
取扱コンテンツTV, Movie
ジャンルComedy, Children, Action

Since Toei Animation Co.,Ltd was founded in 1956, we have been producing numerous works of animation in the front line of the industry for over half a century. We boast Japan's largest and a world-class library, which comprises 234 theatrical features and 216 TV programs, totaling 12,274 episodes (as of March 2017).
Currently, Japanese animation is huge popularity abroad as they are aired in various countries around the world. Thus, we have made animations to appeal to the world. Our recent distinctive works, "Dragon Ball Super" and "ONE PIECE" win popularity not only domestic but all over the world.
Nowadays, along with digital technology dramatically advances, we still challenge new trying, especially '3D'. We made all 3D theatrical animation "Expelled from Paradise". The most recent work "KADO; the Right Answer" are also all 3D animation.
In order to distribute our works and grow up our company, we also conduct sales business in world scale. We deal with various types of sales, for instance, dealing with broadcasting right, licensing for merchandise, producing event, and so on. Recently, because of remarkable progress of the Internet technology and device, 'Network distribution anime' and 'App game' are great new deal of our business.
Animation is not merely motion picture. Through animation, children foster dreams, bright hope, and rich imagination. In order to increase and enrich their dreams and hope and to establish animation as a form of communication that transcends media crosses borders, and connects the world, we will continue to produce high-quality works under our corporation principle of "becoming a leader in initiating creations which deliver 'dream' and 'hope' to children and people all over the world.