Hong Kong

MediaQuiz Entertainment International Company Limited

業種Distribution / Production / Talent Agency
取扱コンテンツTV, Mobile/Internet, Home Entertainment
ジャンルComedy, Love・Romance, Action, Horror, Educational, Drama, Documentary, Children

MediaQuiz Entertainment International Company Limited, established since 2010, is an integrated entertainment content company providing services including drama, variety & short content production, distribution & acquisition, investment and artiste management. The company has abundant industry resources and worldwide distribution network in both traditional and emerging platforms. In 2015, the company won the “Most Valuable Service Awards in Hong Kong 2015” issued by the international media magazine ”MediaZone” and <Export Excellence Award> in <The Enterprising Hong Kong Awards 2015> (an awards programme organized by DHL and SCMP). With an annual distribution volume over 2,000 hours in recent years, MediaQuiz is highly recognized in worldwide media market.
MediaQuiz Entertainment International will keep on developing, propelling and perfecting content supply, cooperating completely with companies from territories such as Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand etc, globalizing its business to become a leading content corporate in the Asian entertainment industry.