業種Music Publisher / Event・Concert Production
取扱カテゴリーMusic, Live-Action
取扱コンテンツEvent/Concert, Publication
ジャンルMusic (Idol/Animation/Game)

About BANDAI NAMCO Arts Inc.
BANDAI NAMCO Arts is specializing in producing IP in a comprehensive way by providing various services from planning and development of contents in music & video, designing and managing of concert & event, to proposal and promotion of merchandise & package of software in animation.
Holding the mission and value of enriching the minds of people all over the world, we will provide remarkable high quality touching works consistently to communicate with more people worldwide.

IP: abbreviation for Intellectual Property. The Intellectual property rights of animation characters, works, etc.

About AmuseLantis Europe S.A.S.
As a base for distribution of Japanese culture and contents such as anime, anime songs, AmuseLantis Europe S.A.S. is a joint venture founded in France by Amuse and Lantis, because of the highly increasing attention to Japanese anime culture in European market.
In collaboration with AmuseLantis Europe S.A.S., the subsidiary company of Amuse, we are striving to disseminate Japanese anime culture overseas, meanwhile, expend our business in Europe by increasing the number of anime fans.