業種Record Label / Talent Agency / Music Publisher
ジャンルMusic (Other), Music (Pops), Music (Idol/Animation/Game)

For Life label was founded in 1975 by 4 of the top musicians in Japan at that time.
There are two meanings behind the name "For Life". As a record label created by FOUR musicians, it means FOUR PERSON’S LIFE = "FOUR LIFE". Another meaning lies in the words "For Life", meaning "for the people’s lives".
38 years ago when the label was founded, folk songs were the big thing. The 4 founders of For Life label were the main figures in the boom and were the pioneers who created the folk music culture. They had contracts with major record labels and had no problem engaging in their musical activities as an individual artist. However, they took their actions to the next level by setting up an independent record label in midst of their success, creating a big commotion amongst the Japanese music industry where they were not ready for such "rebellion by the artists".
Today there is literally no difference between major labels and independent labels. But at the time when For Life was founded, an idea of being independent wasn’t in the slightest sense considered an option. If you wanted to be a musician, the only way to do it was to get that major label contract. Thus For Life was a unique institution created for the musicians by the musicians who aimed to be free.
Since it’s creation, For Life has been working with all types of musicians and artists, beginning with folk music and "new music" (coined term for a music scene after the folk music era), and now from popular music to rock, hip-hop and house music. As the environment surrounding the music industry becomes more complex with many more choices and fewer boundaries between them, For Life Music Entertainment will keep on creating quality music "FOR LIFE" of the people.