Shizuoka Asahi Television Co., Ltd.

業種TV Broadcasting / Content Delivery / Production
取扱カテゴリーLive-Action, Format
取扱コンテンツTV, Mobile・Internet
ジャンルSports, Documentary, Comedy

Shizuoka Asahi Television has continued to broadcast since its establishment in 1978. It is headquartered in Shizuoka Prefecture where Mount Fuji, Japan's national symbol, was added to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in 2013. Shizuoka Asahi Television aims to be loved and needed by the people of Shizuoka by not only providing viewers with information about the prefecture, but also throughout Japan. Our self-produced infotainment "Tobikkiri Shizuoka", aired on weekdays on Saturdays, is watched by a large number of people in Shizuoka. Furthermore, we work on many programs under the themes of nature, environment and tourism in Shizuoka, such as programs about Mount Fuji. From now on, we turn over eyes to overseas and hope to offer information about Shizuoka's wonderful nature to people all over the world. Shizuoka prefecture is located in the center of Japan. The South side of Shizuoka faces the Pacific Ocean and the North side faces mountains as high as 3,000 meters such as Mount Fuji. The mountainous areas of Shizuoka with their pure water and mild climates make it possible to grow different type of crops. Shizuoka prefecture is a very nice place to live where you can appreciate nature and high quality food throughout the year.