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取扱コンテンツTV, Mobile/Internet, Home Entertainment
ジャンルLove・Romance, Drama

Following its launch on December 1. 2011, JTBC hit the ground running, quickly rising to become the most innovative television channel in Korea.
It is the reincarnated TBC, which used to be Korea's top channel established in 1965, until the military government limited powerful media from owning multiple platforms. JTBC is refreshingly unique, setting itself apart from the others by delivering thorough and reliable news with speed and accuracy, and producing creative dramas and trendy entertainment shows.
In addition to the must-carry, general programming JTBC channel, other diverse and specialized channels are JTBC2, the entertainment channel targeting ages 20-39; JTBC Golf, a professional golf channel; and JTBC3 FOX Sports, a comprehensive sports channel.
With such innovative content, JTBC is ahead of the pack as a leading trend setter, appealing to both domestic and global audiences.