Republic of Korea

Channel A

業種TV Broadcasting / Sales Agent / Distribution
取扱カテゴリーFormat, Live-Action
取扱コンテンツTV, Home Entertainment, Mobile/Internet
ジャンルLove・Romance, Drama

Channel A is one of the four nationwide general broadcasting networks in South Korea, providing its contents to various media platforms like cable, IPTV, and digital streaming media. Channel A produces scripted, unscripted, news, documents, and its coverage reaches up to 100% in Korea, allowing it to become a beloved channel by the public.

Starting from 2019, Channel A has strengthened its drama lineup with new contents such as <Love Affair in the Afternoon>, <Twelve Nights> etc. Entertainment programs such as <Heart Signal>, <Good People>, <The Fishermen and the Sea>, <Gentleman> attracted global fans, and its format has earned worldwide attention from various platforms. Remake programs have been made and have earned successful rates. Furthermore, Channel A was able to put together a solid portfolio of numerous award-winning TV programs. Channel A’s <Exodus Out of North Korea>, a documentary film about North Korean refugees, has won a “Platinum Remi Award” at the 2014 World Fest-Houston International Film Festival. <Heart Signal>, a suspenseful romance reality show, has won 'The Best Brand of the Year-Romance Show' Award in 2018.