Taiwan Future Films Development Association (TFFDA)

業種Event・Concert Production / Film Commission・Film Fund / Sales Agent
取扱カテゴリーFormat, Animation
取扱コンテンツMobile/Internet, Original, Event/Concert
ジャンルLove・Romance, Drama, Comedy, Children, Action

Taiwan Future Films Development Association(TFFDA) was organized by “Future Film Day” which was the curated team to bring the outstanding films into lives and the excellent film-works into the international film festivals. TFFDA has held ten more independent film festivals and curated 2014, 2015 Youth Film Festival in Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, and held Taiwan Anicup every years which becomes the important international stage of animation for those original animators and the road to other international animation film festivals.
In 2015, with Mark,Ang, projecting the “The Project of 100 Film Festival and The World Film Festival” . The projects cooperate with lots of international film festivals and spread all over Asia and Europe & America. From 2015, Chairman of TFFDA, Lin, Wei-Lun, started working and curating with Tokyo International Film Festival and Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan – Taiwan Cultural Center to organize the only Taiwanese film festival in Japan「Taiwan Future Short Films Week in TOKYO」. In 2017, TFFDA was officially invited as the only Taipei Delegate in Asia Pacific Film Festival(APFF) and nominated to organize The 58th Asia Pacific Film Festival in Taiwan which has been after a hiatus of 8 years.