C-element Holding Crop.

対象IPFilm, TV, Artists

Shanghai Yuanguang Advertising Production Co., Ltd. which first established in 2005 and Shanghai Yuanguang Film&TV production Co., Ltd. are all holding by C-element Holding Crop. It is a company have been deeply engaged in the film & TV production industry for decades. It has broken the bottleneck of traditional film & TV production industry, and it build a business model which have five branches including print advertising, television commercial, visual effects, casting agency and film production. By holding more than 4,000 square meters’ photography studio which is based in Jing'an District, the five brands of the company can all work independently and cooperate naturally. The combination of the five brands can provide great resources and production independence for the company. From a single product line to a multi-dimensional, diversified visual integration market, C-element Holding Crop. produced quality project and will always aims to produce the “high-end customization product” in the visual industry.