Beijing Five-Star Legend culture & media Co. , Ltd.

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取扱カテゴリー[Category]Other: documentary film
取扱コンテンツ[Content]Other: documentary film

Beijing Five-Star Legend culture & media Co.,Ltd. is a leading Documentary film making company which provides an integrated operation with unique advantages.
Five-Star Legend represents creation and responsibility. With the deep digging for humanities subjects and insightful expression, it has released various documentary films for both abroad and domestic markets, creating great social value, art value and cultural influence.
Various products invested, produced, released and operated by Five-Star Legend, including Extreme Road, Roof of the World, Life and Death Company, Cloud Gate and Me, Mystery of the Sino-Japanese War Fiasco, My Anti-Japanese WarⅠ/Ⅱ, New Movie Legends and so on, have won numerous awards such as "Gold Panda" Award of Sichuan International Television Festival, “Outstanding Documentary made in China” for State Press and Publication Administration, History Recorder of the Year for National Salute Memory, and China Documentaries of the Year for China Television Artists Association.
Five-Star Legend has corporate with many mainstream global medias, governments and multinational enterprises. Partners include National Geographic, CCTV, Phoenix Satellite TV, SMG, Hunan Broadcasting System, Tencent, Youku Tudou, IQIYI, LETV, Bilibili and so on. Governments include Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, The State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China, provincial offices, etc. Partners include a number of influential entertainment companies both domestically and internationally.
We are working on a new expression and transmission for Chinese civilization to the world via video and centered on humanity.
We are striving to create the best documentary film with ultimate quality and become Chinese video leader in this era.