Tokyo Film Commission

業種Film Commission・Film Fund
取扱カテゴリーLive-Action, Animation
ジャンルMusic (Other), Music (Pops), Music (Idol/Animation/Game), Music (Classic/Jazz), Horror, Educational, Children, Suspense, Sports, Love・Romance, Drama, Documentary, Comedy, Action

Tokyo Film Commission “Tokyo Location Box” was established in 2001 by Tokyo Metropolitan Government to support both domestic and international film makers. We provide various information about filming in Tokyo, as well as location hunting, and assistance in film shooting and getting shooting permit from police station, fire department, etc..

Tokyo has a wide variety of aspects, modern, retro and nature landscape in addition to eleven inhabited islands, and all these can be your ideal locations.
Moreover, Tokyo is a capital of film making industry full of studios for filming, editing, and recording, so film making environment is perfect.

We are always prepared to support you by all means to make films as smoothly as possible.