Television Niigata Network Co., Ltd.

業種TV Broadcasting
ジャンルOther, Educational, Documentary, Children

ジャンル Genres (Travel,Lifestayle,Cooking, Local culture)

TeNY is a regional broadcasting company based in Niigata Prefecture, which is famous for its high quality and tasty rice, Japanese Sake and beautiful snow.
Since its foundation in 1980, we have been a leading Television Station who produces documentary programs and local TV shows in close connection with the local community.
By obtaining overwhelming support from our viewers, we have consistently been rated No. 1 in Niigata Prefecture for many years.
TeNY has been trying to promote Niigata’s hidden charms abroad in recent years. We have been producing a number of programs in collaboration with Asian TV productions and TV stations since 2010, when no other TV stations in Niigata were doing it.
The themes of our programs are of wide variety. We produced“ Toki Tales”, a story of a Japanese bird.
“ Rising Sun”, a story about Japanese carp“ Nishikigoi”, Japanese pop culture, and many others.
If you wish to know more about Niigata, please feel free to ask us anytime.