業種Production / Record Label / Music Publisher
取扱カテゴリーMusic, Live-Action
取扱コンテンツPublication, Event/Concert
ジャンルMusic (Pops)

Jewel Entertainment
Established in October 2015

Business Description
- Train and manage celebrities, models and singers
- Producing, contracting, promotion, facility management of music, movie, theater
play and lecture
- Planning, producing, contracting and license business of Radio, TV programs,
commercial films, commercial songs.
- Planning, producing, manufacturing, retailing, leasing and licensing business of
audio, movie, software (disc, tape and film)
- Planning, retailing and managing the rights of use of character products.
- Book and music note etc publishing printing materials and management
- Facility management of recording studio and dance studio
- Agent work of advertisement and PR
- E-commerce business and information services using internet
- Managing, planning and restaurant supervision
- Planning, producing, operating and consulting of corporate and private events