Independent Label Council Japan

業種Industrial Union・Guild・Organization / Record Label
取扱コンテンツPublication, Event/Concert
ジャンルMusic (Other), Music (Classic/Jazz), Music (Pops), Music (Idol/Animation/Game)

Independent Label Council Japan (ILCJ) was formed in 2004 by dozens of independent labels for the collection and distribution of such equitable remunerations as broadcasting and private copying levy for commercial phonograms on behalf of its members under mandate. As ILCJ members commit themselves to develop, produce and promote new and diverse music, varied from rock and dance to Jazz and classical music, in cooperation with artists, its activities expand to organizing live showcases and promotion of artists locally and internationally, and seminars and workshops to tackle digital environment.
In late 2017, ILCJ initiated the launch of Independent Music Coalition Japan (IMCJ) jointly with other independent music organizations, namely Independent Records and Artist Association (IRMA) and Japan Net Creaters Association (JNCA), and independent labels and aggregators/distributors to promote Japanese music to the global marketplace through rapidly growing digital services and technologies. IMCJ is the national trade association of Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) and stands as an umbrella organization representing Japanese independent music community.