MCIP Holdings

業種Event・Concert Production / Production / Talent Agency
取扱カテゴリーMusic, Live-Action, CG/Digital
取扱コンテンツEvent/Concert, Mobile/Internet, TV
ジャンルMusic (Pops), Music (Idol/Animation/Game)

MCIP was established in November 2014 by alliances with 8 private companies (Yoshimoto Kogyo / Dentsu / Dwango / Amuse/Space Shower / Sony Music Entertainment / Jikei Gakuen Group and Aeonmall )and Cool Japan Fund to develop entertainment throughout Asia.

MCIP is a company that has been promoting Japanese content and entertainment for people living in different parts of Asia and increase Japan Fans. We hope to promote not only our original content, but also to become a hub for all Japanese content in Asia. Our goal is to create content and talent that would unite Japan and the rest of Asia while creating a platform that would allow all content and talents to constantly gather and perform. We are also aiming our talent to collaborate with Japanese companies abroad and help promote Japanese products.