Marvelous Inc.

業種Production / Content Delivery / Other
取扱カテゴリーAnimation, Live-Action, Other
取扱コンテンツMobile・Internet, TV, Movie
ジャンルDrama, Action

業種 Other (ライセンス)
取扱カテゴリー Other (2.5-dimension musical)

Marvelous Inc. is a multimedia entertainment company. We produce the animes, games, 2.5-dimensional contents (musicals and stage plays based on 2-dimensional contents like animes, games and comics) and music. And we handle the rights of those contents to license both domestically and internationally.
At TIFFCOM 2019, Marvelous will be introducing our upcoming titles for 2020 as well as our catalog titles.
We hope to see you at our booth.