Production I.G

業種Sales Agent / Production
取扱コンテンツMovie, Home Entertainment, TV
ジャンルDrama, Documentary, Comedy, Children, Suspense, Horror, Action

Established in 1987, Production I.G is a world leading animation studio. Our cutting-edge outputs, such as "Ghost in the Shell" (1995), "Blood: The Last Vampire" (2000), "Kill Bill: Vol. 1" (animation segment, 2003), Palme d'Or nominee "Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence" (2004) and Golden Lion nominee "The Sky Crawlers," (2008) inspired Hollywood creators. Our auteur films, such as "Giovanni's Island," "Miss Hokusai" and "Pigtails" garnered international accolades and won multiple recognitions. We license our productions worldwide. At TIFFCOM 2019 we present our new series and Annecy-nominee, BIAF winner “B: The Beginning” directed by Kazuto Nakazawa (“Kill Bill: Vol. 1” animation), as well as our Ghost in the Shell VR experience.