SPO Entertainment Inc.

業種Production / Distribution
取扱カテゴリーLive-Action, Animation
取扱コンテンツTV, Home Entertainment, Movie
ジャンルSuspense, Love・Romance, Horror, Action, Drama

Planning and producing global content in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China, as well as distributing the Asian drama content for Japan. We also owns 2 cinemas located in Tokyo and Osaka, that is specialized in Asian films that coves 65% of Asian films imported in Japan.

<Production titles>
2019 TV series ”I don't love you yet"
(Japan/Fuji TV)
2016 TV series "Miss in Kiss " (China/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Japan)
2016 TV series "Kimi wa Pet" (Japan/Fuji TV)
2016 TV series “Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu” (Japan/TVK etc)
2016 TV series “Wakako Zake2” (Japan/BS-Japan)
2016 TV series “Table for One~Wakakozake Korean version” (Korea)
2015 TV series "My Little Lover" (Japan/Fuji TV)
2016 TV series “Wakako Zake” (Japan/BS Japan)
2014 TV series "Mischievous Kiss2~Love in TOKYO" (Japan/Fuji TV)
2014 TV series "Naeil's Cantabile" (Korea/KBS)
2013 TV series "Mischievous Kiss~Love in TOKYO" (Japan/Fuji TV)
2012 TV series "Fabulous Boys" (Taiwan/GTV) Co-producer