GMA Worldwide, Inc.

業種Distribution / Inflight Entertainment / Content Delivery
取扱カテゴリーLive-Action, Animation, Format
取扱コンテンツTV, Mobile/Internet, Movie
ジャンルSuspense, Love・Romance, Horror, Educational, Documentary, Children, Music (Idol/Animation/Game), Drama, Comedy, Action

GMA Worldwide Inc. (GWI) is GMA Network, Inc.’s content distributor. GMA is the Philippines’ largest and most trusted broadcaster. GMA Network, Inc. is also the Philippines’ oldest broadcasting network, having been in operation since 1950. In the last 10 years, GWI has become the leading distributor of quality Filipino content. Its heart-warming dramas continue to touch viewers across Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, parts of Europe and North America. Through its partner Latin Media Corporation, GWI successfully penetrated Latin America with the sale of a number of canned programs and drama formats. On its third time exhibiting in TIFFCOM, GWI offers a catalogue of original formats and hit telenovelas in high definition. Its library of content is known for its moving storylines with universal appeal that showcase the best the Philippines has to offer. GWI hopes to build new partnerships in TIFFCOM2018 and provide content that will boost ratings coupled with an outstanding brand of client service. Discover more of GMA’s inspiring content by visiting!