Oita Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

業種TV Broadcasting
取扱コンテンツTV, Home Entertainment
ジャンルOther, Documentary, Educational

ジャンル Other (4K)

Oita Asahi Broadcasting Co.,(OAB) is a commercial broadcasting company established in 1993. We're a member of Asahi MediaGroup with other 23 companies. OAB's headquater is located in Oita prefecture of Kyushu island, whichi is a southern part of Japan. Oita is a place with 1.2million population, and we can enjoy beautiful landscape for mountains, ocean, and delicious food with other historical cultures in background. What we're most proud of Oita is "onsen"(hot spring), as we're the number one Japanese prefecture for both volume and number of spring sources. In fact we have 10 different spring water quality among 11 in the world, which has always made us one of the popular spa places to visit. We've been producing various programs for news report, documentary, information and entertainment. In June 2015, we early adopted system of 4K Ultra HD for both recording and editing, and are planning proactively to produce programs with next generation technology for 4K resolution TV.