Assist Corporation

業種Post Production・Translation / Trading Company / Other
取扱カテゴリーLive-Action, Animation, Music
取扱コンテンツMovie, Home Entertainment, Event/Concert
ジャンルHorror, Sports, Music (Idol/Animation/Game), Love・Romance, Educational, Drama, Documentary, Action

業種 Other (DVD/Blu-ray Authoring, Press, DCP(Digital Cinema Package), Up Convert, Digital Restore)

Assist Corporation supports our clients that we convert your works (moving image) to appropriate format along your needs.
We create Digital Cinema Package (DCP) for theatrical or film festival screenings. In addition, we restore movies digitally such as up-converting movies from Standard Definition to 4K format and also removing noise and scratches.
We originally engaged in DVD / Blu-ray Discs authoring, production and related artwork design business as well
Further more, we are now developing an aerial projection system, called “HYPER VISION” as a new approach for a movie presentation method.