Individual Entrepreneur Khismatullin R.G.

業種Education / Post Production・Translation / Production
取扱カテゴリーMusic, Animation
取扱コンテンツMobile/Internet, TV
ジャンルEducational, Music (Idol/Animation/Game), Comedy, Children

The company works under the brand RG Bros. Studio and is engaged in production of animated TV series for children called Beeography. The company is over 5 years on the market and is dynamically developing. It has a whole creative crew of 25 employees that write scripts for each episode, make visuals and sound, compose music and write lyrics for the songs appearing in the series, do voice acting - the whole cycle of film-making works that result in an end-product - animated series for kids. There are also employees who are engaged in promotion of the series to the Russian and overseas markets. Our company is aimed at promoting our animated series and cooperating with partners who are interested in buying non-exclusive rights for distribution of the first season of the cartoon, establishing long-term relations concerning future distribution of the animated series, as well as with those, who are interested in buying rights for merchandising of the cartoon’s characters.