ANICA (National Association of Film and Audiovisual Industry)

業種Industrial Union/Guild/Organization

取扱カテゴリー[Category]Other: National Association of Film and Audiovisual Industry
取扱コンテンツ[Content]Other: Italian film and audiovisual multimedia industries
取扱ジャンル [Genres]Other: NA

Founded in 1944, ANICA (National Association of Film and Audiovisual Industry) is the association which represents Italian film & audiovisual multimedia industries when dealing with political and union institutions; while also establishing relations with all the key players in the promotion of films and communication products in Italy and abroad. The association is divided into three sections: producers, distributors & technical enterprises.As the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ representative in Italy, ANICA selects Italy’s Oscar candidate for Best International Film.
Furthermore, ANICA is a permanent member of FAPAV (the Italian Audiovisual and Multimedia Protection Federation). It has enhanced offices, offering services required to meet the needs of its members, that deal with the changing economic and technological environment: tax benefits for those who invest in the production and distribution of Italian cinema, access to credit, relations with regional and local institutions, studies, quantitative analysis and context information related to specific instruments for the audiovisual sector. In terms of International promotion, ANICA, in collaboration with the public institutions in charge, is consolidating itself in seasoned markets and opening new opportunities for the internationalization of audiovisual companies, and particularly, of Italian audiovisual products.
With this goal in mind, ANICA – in conjunction with the APA (Association of Television Producers), with the support of the Ministry for Economic Development, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Italian Trade Agency (ICE) and Regione Lazio – has developed MIA, the International Audio-Visual Market, which takes place in autumn in Rome.