SATTVA FILMS production and school srl

業種Production / Education / Event/Concert Production
取扱カテゴリーAnimation, Live-Action
取扱コンテンツMovie, TV, Event/Concert
ジャンルEducational, Drama, Documentary, Children

The Sattva Films production and school was created in 2005 by Michele Fasano when he decided to develop at international level his previous experience in the field of film production and implementation of theoretical/practical training in cinema, giving the activity of the previous individual company to the new company. The name "sattva" refers to the technologies of audiovisual communication: SAT (satellite), TV (television), A (audiovisuals), FILMS; but “sattva” is also a Sanskrit word that can be translated as "impulse toward evolution", and "creative principle", a qualitative thrust toward joint spiritual and material progress, particularly suitable in describing the profound nature of a technology, more often an industry, such as the cinema, that produces and generates dreams. The coincidence of the creative and training dimension with the normal aspirations of an economic-productive subject, however, also takes account of the intention of always keeping the dialogue between thinking and doing critically open, the quality of the product and the process at the centre of attention, and the connection between ethics, aesthetics and social responsibility of the company alive. Sattva Films favours international co-productions according to European standards of quality and is interested in promoting authored projects, both creative documentary, 2D and stop-motion animation film and live-action for cinema theatres; it is also a Publishing House and publishes books concerning its projects and the art of cinema variously.