Enanimation Srl

業種Production / Distribution / Publishing
取扱カテゴリーAnimation, Live-Action, Music
取扱コンテンツTV, Movie, Character
ジャンルEducational, Comedy, Children

ENANIMATION is active on the audiovisual market since 2003; it deals with:
- National and international production and co-production of audiovisual materials
- Their national and international distribution
- Their licensing and merchandising exploitation
Enanimation is an independent limited liability production company and plays an active role from a creative and financial point of view.
The company has a lean and efficient manufacturing, it deals with research and evaluation of new projects, selection and development of new co-productions and distributions.
The skills of Enanimation team range from animation production to live action TV series, web series and movies. Its artists are able to work on any part of the production chain, from scratch to the final product, from screenplay to 3D animation, from shooting to the creation of VFX effects and sound-video editing.
Competence, reliability and versatility are the strong points of Enanimation.