Entertainment Channel, China Central Television

取扱カテゴリーLive-Action, Animation
取扱コンテンツMovie, TV
ジャンルDocumentary, Action

業種[Type]Other: Production Compan

China Media Group CCTV-3 is a professional TV channel of entertainment and variety shows. The channel offers viewers a wide range of programs including talent show, shinny floor entertainment show, talk show, classic feature show, cultural show, performance show, dancing show, etc. The channel puts audience first and has created popular shows like Star Avenue and Opening the Door. In recent years, CCTV-3 has produced a series of creative and phenomenal cultural programs such as The Reader and The Nation’s Treasures. In 2019, the new Arts and Entertainment Program Center under the China Media Group was established. CCTV-3 will be collaborating with CCTV Music, CCTV Opera, China National Radio’s Music Radio, Story Radio, Golden Radio, AM747, and China Radio International’s Hit FM to make cross-platform programming and creative content that appeal to our audiences and enhance the brand value of the arts and cultural contents for China Media Group.