Toshima City

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 Toshima City was founded in October 1932.
●Area / Population / No. of households
 Area: 13.01 km2  Population: 290,081
 No. of households: 180,480
 *Population and No. of households are current as of September 1, 2019.
●City Tree / Flower
 City Tree : Somei Yoshino cherry
 City Flower : Azalea
 Declaration of Toshima Non-Nuclear City
 Traffic Safety City Declaration
 Gender Equality City Declaration
 Culturally Creative City Declaration
 Declaration of a city free from abuse and violence
 Declaration of a city that eradicates illegal drugs and noncontrolled drugs
Toward the realization of the International City of Arts & Culture
Toshima City has nurtured a culture that is rich in diversity. By harnessing these cultural resources that are characteristic of Toshima City, it aims to become a driving force for Japan through its “cultural power.” That is what marks Toshima as the International City of Arts & Culture.
With a view to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, and to the passing on of cultural legacy beyond 2020, strategic initiatives have been put in place. With the fundamental vision of creating a “theater city” with the entire city as the stage, and where anyone can play the leading role, there are plans to implement a colorful cultural program, strengthen the city’s ability to transmit its culture to the world, and create human-oriented urban spaces.