SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation

業種Pay TV / Content Delivery / Sales Agent
取扱カテゴリーLive-Action, Animation, Format
取扱コンテンツTV, Mobile/Internet, Home Entertainment
ジャンルSports, Love・Romance, Drama, Documentary, Children, Action

SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation operates Japan's largest satellite pay TV platform "SKY PerfecTV!" with 3.3million subscribers carrying more than 200 channels. The company creates original programming for SKY PerfecTV!'s in-house channels including dedicated 4K channels and BS SkyperfecTV! – from drama series to variety shows, available for distribution outside of Japan.
SJC also runs global and domestic satellite services. In 2014, its subsidiary launched "WAKUWAKU JAPAN," a general entertainment channel 100% consisting of Japanese content localized into the language of the country where the channel is available - Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar, Taiwan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, etc.