23-25 Oct, 2018 in IKEBUKURO(22-24 Oct, TIMM in SHIBUYA)

MarketScreening Films List


  • Sunshine City Screening Room2

    10/24(Wed) 18:15-19:55(2018/100min/Japan)

    You, I Love

    Rin, Yu, Koyomi, and Keita are childhood friends who live in the same apartment building. Rin is outwardly aloof and handsome, but he likes Yu so much that he acts cold and mean toward her...

  • Sunshine City Screening Room2

    10/24(Wed) 15:30-17:20(2019/110min/Japan)

    Until I Meet September’s Love (working title)

    One night Shiori Kitamura heard the voice of a man who came through his wall and said, "I'm in the future 1 year later". The voice asks Shiori to follow Hirano, the neighbor. But one day t...

  • Sunshine City Screening Room2

    10/24(Wed) 10:00-12:00(2018/120min/Japan)

    A Banana? At This Time of Night?

    Yasuaki Shikano, 34. Suffers from muscular dystrophy, wheelchair user. He is self-centered, talkative and overly free-spirited! But he leaves the hospital and chooses an offbeat life of in...

  • Sunshine City Screening Room1

    10/23(Tue) 11:00-12:00(2017/60min/Japan)

    Gourmet Activity

    "Sapporo Otome Gohan" (Gourmet Activity) is a 2.5D animation program based on a comic book by Ayaka Matsumoto from Hokkaido. Three women pursing different careers in Sapporo, love to eat. ...