23-25 Oct, 2018 in IKEBUKURO(22-24 Oct, TIMM in SHIBUYA)

It’s boring here, pick me up.

Sunshine City Screening Room1

10/23(Tue) 15:30-17:08(2018/98min/Japan)


Ai Hashimoto, Mugi Kadowaki, Ryo Narita. A brilliant young cast and a great director, Ryuichi Hiroki bring this compelling literary masterpiece to the screen. A story of people who dream of somewhere else.

Closed (Buyers & Festival Programmer Only)

©2018“ It’s boring here, pick me up”Production Committee

Director Ryuichi Hiroki
Cast Ai Hashimoto
Mugi Kadowaki
Ryo Narita
Genre Drama
Running time 98min
Size 1:1.85
Color/Monochrome Color
Language Japanese


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