23-25 Oct, 2018 in IKEBUKURO(22-24 Oct, TIMM in SHIBUYA)

Japan Now Presentation in TIFFCOM

Japan Now Presentation Room

10/23(Tue) 10:00-/11:00-/12:00-/13:00-/14:00-/
*Special Event MEET with CREATORS Detail

Japan Now Presentation Room

10/24(Wed) 10:00-/11:00-/12:00-/13:00-/14:00-/

Japan Now Presentation Room

10/25(Thu) 10:00-/11:00-/12:00-/13:00-/14:00-/


There are so many creators in Japan with full of talents which are not yet found in international stage.Please discover the talents in TIFFCOM and introduce them as new talents in your territory.In this year’s JCS/TIFFCOM, we prepared the new initiative named “Japan Now Presentation”. You can check the trailers and footages of the remarkable directors and producers in the special screening venue.If you have any creators or works that you are interested in acquiring on promoting in your territory, please visit the seller’s booth handling the works to get more information. Please attend special screening of the “Japan Now Presentation” which will be screened whole market period at the exclusive screening room for the project.

Japan Now Presentation In TIFFCOM

Introducing of the creators


* Some of the content covered in “Japan Now Presentation in TIFFCOM” differ from “Introducing of the creators” above.

FOUCS titles:

“One Cut of the Dead”(NIKKATSU Corporation)
“The Chrysanthemum and the Guillotine”(Free Stone Productions Co., Ltd.)
“PunkSamurai Slash Down”(AVEX PICTURES)
“Mori, The Artist’s Habitat”(NIKKATSU Corporation)

Final Titles from Exhibitors:
Chunks of Meat (ABC TV JAPAN)
Until the Day Freedom Comes (ABC TV JAPAN)
Undone by a touch (artfulLtd.)
Spirit of Actors (CREi Inc.)
Penguin Highway (Fuji Creative Corporation(FCC))
Danchi Woman (IMPLEO Inc.)
Samurai Animals (Kensin Co., Ltd)
SANADA YUKIMURA 1/4 scale (Kensin Co., Ltd)
Saint Young Men (My Theater D.D., Inc.)
FUN HOUSE (Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co.,Ltd.)
The Longest Photo in the World (Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co.,Ltd.)
No Matter How Much My Mom Hates Me (Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co.,Ltd.)
4K UHD CG in “The Body: Miracles of the Inner Social Network” (NHKEnterprises, Inc.)
Midnight Crazy Trail (PICONA, Inc.)
Tra-san of Goto (Television Nagasaki Co.Ltd.)