23-25 Oct, 2018 in IKEBUKURO(22-24 Oct, TIMM in SHIBUYA)

Press Release

Press Release

Press Release Vol.1
Gathering international trade fair of music, TV, film and animation in TOKYO!!
Contents market to represent Asia and jump over the content’s genres

“Japan Content Showcase2018” will be held from Oct 22th

”Japan Content Showcase2018”(JCS)will be held from October 22th.JCS of content market to represent Asia to featuring music, TV, film and animation is combining the three markets for music (Tokyo International Music Market, TIMM), film and TV (15th Anniversary TIFFCOM -the Marketplace for film and TV in Asia-, the only film festival in Japan approved by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations), and animation (Tokyo International Anime Festival Autumn, TIAF). This year is the 7th time. Last year’s JCS had a record-breaking total of 371 exhibitors from 27 countries and regions, 1,539 buyers from 50 countries registered, 7,798 cases of business meeting and deal value$60,050,000.TIMM will be held from October 22th to 24th at the hotel “SHIBUYA EXCEL HOTEL TOKYU” in Shibuya same as last year. TIFFCOM/TIAF will be held from October 23th to 25th at “Sunshine City CONVENTION CENTER” in Ikebukuro.

This year’s focus theme is “IP・Book Adaptation”!!

There were a big response and success of last year, we will make strengthen the plans to focus on IP (intellectual property), Book Adaptation (the picturization rights of the book) this year in JCS. As we received, Exhibitors who handles the characters and animation genre have already increased conspicuously by those who have the high-rights possession rate of IP and Book Adaptation (As of Aug 15, character 32.4% and animation 17.8% increased)
In addition, the number of exhibition booths from foreign countries have increased by 13% from last year and it shows that there’s a much higher attention from foreign countries. Countries and regions exhibited for the first in JCS will be Romania and Malta. Attentions for the exhibitions in JCS is now heating up while the Tokyo Olympics & Paralympics will be coming in 2020, and it draws more attention to Tokyo itself from all over the world.
In such situation, press registration has been started from Aug 20 (Mon) in official site. Please register it.


Japan Content Showcase,TIFFCOM organization’s office
Izumi Totsuka

【TEL】 03-6226-3020
【FAX】 03-6226-3024
JCS official site: http://www.jcs.tokyo/en/