JCS Newsletter Vol.16


JCS Newsletter Vol.16

①Today’s highlight :
②Event Schedule (Oct.24)
③[Important Notice] Information for JCS2019 participants / Major traffic restrictions occur during JCS Market period
④Walk-in Visitor Registration
⑤Special discount for JCS ID holders
⑥Tokyo City View Entrance Special offer
TIFFCOMxTIFF Special Tour Offer

Today’s highlight :

Today’s two seminars were enthusiastically received with many participants !
Ikebukuro tomorrow will be the final day of JCS2019 !!
Ikebukuro venue where you can see the business scene filled with enthusiasm soon after the opening. The master class seminar by the prominent and experienced producer in Hollywood, Jon Kuyper was arranged in the first part of the "MPA/DHU/TIFFCOM Master Class Seminar & Pitching Contest". Mr. Kuyper who was involved in the production of popular works such as "THE GREAT GATSBY" and "MAD MAX : FURY ROAD” directly talked about the key essence of movie production. A lot of listeners gathered, especially young participants eagerly listened. Then, the pitching contest in the second part, the audience was excited by the passion for the original work of five finalists and sent applause to the winners.
In the afternoon, ANICA, Italian Film and Audiovisual Multimedia Industries Association that exhibit a pavilion for the first time opened the seminar titled “FOCUS ON ITALY”. They gave a very interesting lecture concerning the fund for grant finding for the future film collaboration between Italy-Japan and the Italian animation industry. The seminar also provide a lively question and answer session, we could feel the high level of interest in the room.
WOWOW's Corporate characters Woo and Wah made a thrilling cheering at the exhibition halls. Various companies performed wonderful exhibitions and events. JCS 2019 has shown their presence as an international multi-content market today as well.

 Event Schedule (Oct 24)

Ikebukuro Seminar Venue: JCS Seminar Room
Ikebukuro Venue Map

Venue: JCS Screening room
Ikebukuro Venue Map

Screening Room 1

Screening Room 2

I Was a Secret Bitch [TIFF Industry Screening *Buyer, Visitor, Exhibitor Only ]

Human Lost [TIFF Industry Screening *Buyer, Visitor, Exhibitor Only ]

③[Important Notice]Information for JCS2019 participants / Major traffic restrictions occur during JCS Market period

Major traffic restrictions occur during JCS Market period. Please make sure to give yourself plenty of time to arrive in time!

Due to the Ceremonies of the Imperial Succession, visits by foreign dignitaries especially on October 22 and 23 are expected and major traffic restrictions will be in place on the Metropolitan Expressway, in central Tokyo and around the airports for an extended period. Traffic congestion will be expected. Please leave time to spare for the transfer.

Detail Information PDF

Request photo registration for JCS ID badge
If you registered a JCS ID badge, please upload photos in MYPAGE. Face photos must be registered in advance and without the Face photo, ID badge cannot be issued. This makes the process faster to issue the badge at the registration.
※1-DAY pass does not require photo registration.

Attention !!
From your MYPAGE, please confirm once again where to pick up your ID badge. If you need to change the place to pick up your ID badge where you have seletced upon ID registration,
please update the new place to pick it up. You can edit on "Edit your personal data" page in Mypage area
・ID Badge for Japan Content Showcase 2019 can only be picked up at Ikebukuro venue (21-24, Oct only) or Shibuya venue (28, 29,Oct, Only).
・ID Badge CANNOT be picked up at the venue of TIFF at Roppongi.
・Please pick up your ID badge during the event.

Pickup QR code
To pick up your ID badge at the registration desk, if you print the QR code and bring it, you can shorten the time to process of receiving your ID badge. Login to your own MYPAGE, click the green "ID Pick UP QR code" button on the bottom left, then, the QR code will be displayed.
Your cooperation is appreciated.
*For Exhibitor ID badges
Exhibitor ID Badges will be handed over to the representative (main Exhibitor) in bulk on move-in day and the first day of the market. Basically, QR code is not required.

 ④ Special discount for JCS ID holders

You can get a 10% discount at Sunshine City Prince Hotel Cafe&Restaurants !
Please show your JCS ID badge and please see below for details:

⑤Tokyo City View Entrance Special offer 

You can get free admission to Tokyo City View on the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills by your JCS2019 ID badge.(except Mori Art Museum where "Hosono Sightseeing 1969-2019" is open.)
Oct.22 (Tue) - Oct.24 (Thu)
Oct.28 (Mon) -Nov.5 (Tue)
Address: Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 52F/Rooftop, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
*Exhibitor/ Buyer/ Visitor/ Press ID Badge holder can be entered by showing the ID badge at the entrance. 1-DAY PASS and PRESS ONE DAY PASS will not be accepted.

⑥TIFFCOMxTIFF Special Tour Offer

We are pleased to announce that we have just started to accept the reservation for the special tour offers to discover the Japanese newest/attractive cultures for TIFFCOM and TIFF guests !