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A Multi-content market 
“Japan Content Showcase 2019”

“Japan Content Showcase”, a multi-content market featuring music, TV, film and animation, combining the three markets for music (Tokyo International Music Market, TIMM), film and TV (TIFFCOM -the Marketplace for film and TV in Asia-, the only film festival in Japan approved by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations), and animation (Tokyo International Anime Festival Autumn, TIAF). TIMM will be held at the hotel “SHIBUYA EXCEL HOTEL TOKYU” in Shibuya while the TIFFCOM/TIAF will be held at “Sunshine City CONVENTION CENTER” in Ikebukuro.

TIFFCOM – Affiliated market of the Tokyo International Film Festival
TIMM – Tokyo International Music Market
(TIFF – The only film festival in Japan approved by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations, FIAP)
TIAF – Tokyo International Anime Festival

Features of Japan Content Showcase

A wide variety of content holders gather from various industries, including film, television, music, and animation, as well as influential buyers from not only Asia but all over the world. This multi-content marketplace encourages active business negotiations, which is held at Ikebukuro and Shibuya, a center of Japanese culture.

The number of exhibitors, business meetings and total value of deals has increased steadily, posted record-highs. TIFFCOM has been growing consistently as a marketplace representing Asia.



The total number of business meetings was 8,201 thanks to the increased number of exhibitors and participating countries & regions, and were diverse in nature. The total value of business deals increased by 5.4% compared to last year.
The breakdown of deals was 56.8% for television programs and 27.9% for films, with the two accounting for 84.7% of the total amount. Among them, live action television accounted for 51.5% in combination with film, and animation for 33.2%


Total number of exhbitor was 382, the highest record ever.
Overseas exhibitors increased by apporoximately 8%, which proved the high international attentions to the market.
More than 85% of the exhibitors also responded that they achieved to have meetings with their desired buyers during the market.


Overseas buyers accounted over 70% out of all the participated buyers, which proved the international demands for the Japan content.

Booths Dealing in IP and Book Adaptation Rights were Kept Busy

Booths at this year's JCS with IP and book adaptation rights displayed the relevant symbols, the same as last year. JCS was a valuable opportunity to hold business talks on IP for film, animation, game and related areas, as well as the expanding film adaptation itself.

Featured Event Focusing on Creators 

As a special event for 2018, we held an event to introduce the most talented creators in Japan. In association with the Japan Now section in the 31st Tokyo International Film Festival, a special teach-in was conducted by the directors and producers of four selected titles of Japan Now. In addition, 19 trailers submitted by exhibitors were screened and successfully appealed to overseas participants.  

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