China Huace Film&TV CO., LTD

TypeProduction / Distribution / Film Commission・Film Fund
CategoryFormat, Animation, Live-Action
ContentTV, Home Entertainment, Mobile/Internet
GenresDrama, Documentary, Comedy, Children, Action

Established in Oct. 2005, China Huace Film & TV Co., Ltd. is a cultural creative enterprise dedicated to investment, production and distribution of films and
TV dramas. We got listed on the GEM of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Oct.26, 2010, being the 1st listed company that focused on production and distribution of TV dramas. We're building a world's leading integrated entertainment media group in the Internet era. With TV series, films, varietyshows as the core content, we try to attract fans, create consumer scenarios and develop content-oriented products by exploring various innovative models, thus maximizing the value of the whole industry chain.
Eight business platforms under Huace Film & TV, including Hangzhou, Beijing,
Shanghai, variety shows and new media, international cooperation & experimental area, international business and theaters, make joint efforts to build a new entertainment ecosystem. As a whole-industry-chain media company, we have formed a diversified development pattern, focusing on the production and distribution of TV series & films and involving in film and TV base construction, theaters, new media, advertising development, industrial investment, artist agency, online games and new media marketing. Huace has over 20 branches, and ranks China's top companies in terms of all aspects.
Also, as one of the biggest production companies for TV series in China, we have distributed more than 6,000 hours of contents worldwide every year including The Virtuous Queen of Han, Eternal Love, The Interpreter, My Amazing Boyfriend etc.
In 2016, we produced 40% of the 10 highest rated TV dramas on China's satellite TV channels, and 30% of the 10 most-watched online dramas in China are produced by Huace Group.