Television Osaka, Inc.

TypeTV Broadcasting
ContentTV, Character
GenresLove・Romance, Educational, Drama, Documentary, Comedy, Children

Japanese proverb says "onko-chishin".
The meaning is to explore old things and lead new knowledges and opinion views from there.
Japanese people in order to re-recognize its teachings and culture and then use it for new ideas, our company has been producing a program called "WAFU-SOHONKE" for over 10 years. (WAFU-SOHONKE means about head family of Japanese style)
Fortunately, the audience rating is also very good, weI was able to help Japanese people who had lost a little confidence was able to recognize their culture again.
Is it also common in your country about the way of thinking "onko-chishin"?
By watching "WAFU-SOHONKE", we would like to make an opportunity to review their culture and become confident for people in your country who are losing a bit confidence.
"onko-chishin" in your country too, absolutely!