Yusuke Yabui

TypeProduction / Event・Concert Production / Other
CategoryMusic, Live-Action
ContentOther, Event/Concert, Mobile/Internet
GenresEducational, Children, Music (Pops), Music (Other), Music (Idol/Animation/Game), Music (Classic/Jazz)

業種[Type]Other: Perfomance, Composition, Arrangement
取扱コンテンツ[Content]Other: Music

5D touch keyboardist / AR musical instrument performer / composer / arranger / songwriter / singer

[The record of winning awards]
● The World 6th rank in Lee Ritenour's Six String Theory Competition 2018 [piano section]
● The first prize in All Japan YAMAHA Electone Contest
● Sound Creator of The Year 2019 Finalist (Film and game music composer)

YUSUKE YABUI is one of the pioneer artists of cutting-edge keyboard instruments in the world. Especially he is one of very few performers who can play 5D Touch Keyboard ‘ROLI Seaboard‘ so skillfully and elegantly. (This world first 5D touch keyboard ‘Seaboard‘ came on the musical movie ‘LA LA LAND‘ and surprised people around the world.)

He makes music from a piano solo to a 100-piece orchestra (One Man Orchestra) on several electronic keyboard instruments with both hands, both feet and right knee at one time. Moreover he creates and performs Japanese-soul Music of his own (called ‘WAKON Music’), which grafts Japanese traditional sounds & rhythms on various kinds of music around the world -- Classical music, Jazz, Rock, Pops (include animation music like Ghibli works ), and World music etc..

Especially he has often held very fantastic concerts in historical structures like Japan Heritage sites, shrines and temples, and in the middle of nature etc.. The beautiful entertainment which YUSUKE YABUI and his team have created with his music on 5D touch keyboard & AR musical instrument, visual art by most advanced technology, and his unique worldview on Japan’s classic beauty is just something epoch-making which hasn't existed before. That world moves audiences with surprise.

People say "YUSUKE in Kimono & Hakama (formal Japanese attire of a man) looks just like a SAMURAI".