RAW IN Corporation

TypeProduction / Advertising / Event・Concert Production
CategoryOther, CG/Digital, Music
ContentOther, Event/Concert, Mobile/Internet
GenresMusic (Idol/Animation/Game), Music (Classic/Jazz), Love・Romance, Horror, Suspense, Drama, Documentary, Music (Pops), Action, Music (Other)

取扱カテゴリー[Category]Other: PV、CM、映画、カタログ等の写真の撮影、映像の製作、企画、製作、販売及管理業務
取扱コンテンツ[Content]Other: PV、CM、映画、カタログ等の写真の撮影、映像の製作、企画、製作、販売及管理業務

RAW IN is established in Tokyo, Japan in the imperial era of Reiwa 2019.
The founder of RAW IN, Jude Chen Ying-Chih who is also the brainchild of Imagine Cosmos Production, has been established for more than a decade in Taipei, Taiwan.
Imagine Cosmos Production has shot hundreds of Music Videos and TV commercials across RAW IN Company Profile English Translation Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and China, RAW IN will be founded upon the solid foundation of over a decades worth of experience working in the industry. Jude’s forte is in visual arts, he excels in juxtaposing realism with experimental visuals and psychedelic images to create a new perspective in aesthetically pleasing visuals. Apart from the objective of producing and film-making in Japan, RAW IN intends to focus more on the two-way collaborative role of the "Film, Art and Melody Japan - Taiwan Exchange Platform Centre" for motion picture, photography and music.

Collaboration Projects :
> Music Video, Advertising/TC Commercials, Videos and other filming productions.

Between Taiwan / Japan
> Managing related matters such as filming location suggestions, filming site permit applications, equipment rentals, crew supplies, transportation and logistic, etc.
> Exhibition curating / seminar and conference/ talent exchange and development related collaborations, such as: venue/manufacturer/employee/potential collaborator introduction.

Imagine Cosmos Production company has worked with many renowned Asia artist and numerous collaborations with notable celebrities, such as Lin Chi-Ling, Eason Chen, G.M.E, Lin Yuchun, etc. In addition, Imagine Cosmos Production has also worked with with many international brands, clientele such as Chanel. Louis Vuitton, Longines, Sony mobile, Elle Taiwan, etc.