Nagara Production Co.,Ltd

TypeTalent Agency / Event・Concert Production
GenresChildren, Music (Pops), Music (Other), Music (Idol/Animation/Game)

Established 8/27/1999

■Talent Agency
■Raise and manage talented figures (Artists)
■Plan and produce concerts and live events
■Plan and produce commercial advertisements
■Plan and produce stages, music events, movies, television and radio programs, etc.

■Tamao Nakamura, Gucci Yuzo, Isao Sasaki
■Yutaka Yamakawa, Toshimi Tagawa, Kaori Mizumori, Kiyoshi Hikawa, Misaki Iwasa, HAYABUSA, Yuto Tatsumi, MINYO GIRLS, etc.

With our Enka (Japanese folk song) Artists, we promote the Enka Genre to the world!
Some of our leading influentials and anticipated youngsters include-
Kiyoshi Hikawa, the Prince leading the Enka Industry; Kaori Mizumori, the Queen of Gotochi (local) songs featured in NHK Kohaku Utagassen for 16 consecutive years; Misaki Iwasa and HAYABUSA, who were invited to the world’s largest Japanese Pop Culture Convention “17th JAPAN EXPO” as the first official guests of Enka; and the MINYO GIRLS, the girls (young star/starlet) group to promote Japanese culture to the world.