Huace Pictures (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

TypeProduction / Film Commission・Film Fund / Pay TV
CategoryLive-Action, Animation
ContentMovie, TV, Mobile・Internet
GenresLove・Romance, Action

Huace Pictures is a branch of of China Huace Film & TV Co. Ltd which is one of the most important production houses in China.
Huace Pictures has been actively investing in film projects with different themes over the years. The main investment of Huace Pictures are two parts: 1 High quality art house films which have festival potentials, as The Assassin of Hou Hsiao-hsien (Cannes competition), Long Day's Journey Into Night of Bi Gan (Cannes Certain Regard);2 Main Stream commercial films as Our Times, The Silent War etc.
Huace Pictures have professional production team and system, cover the whole aspects of a film production and distribution. Huace have working experiences with top Chinese filmmakers as Zhang Yimou, Karwai Wong, John Woo, Dante Lam, Leste Chen and other famous writers Liu Heng, Zou Jingzhi, Mai jia and Guo Jingming. In terms of potential creative talents, Huace have also invested in Dangmai Films(Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Beijing Free Cool Whale Pictures Co., Ltd. and others.
Huace Pictures is looking forward to opportunities of international co-operation. It invests and cooperates with outstanding film companies from many countries. It has established joint studios with Fox International Productions and American producer Michael Uslan (Batman).