Inlook Media Group

TypeEvent・Concert Production
CategoryLive-Action, Animation
ContentMovie, TV
GenresDocumentary, Action

Inlook Media Group is one of the most influential film and television production companies in China.
The company is headquartered in Shanghaiand and we have branches in Beijing, Jinan and Hong Kong. Inlook Media Group includes a film production center, a television series production center, a film and television literature center, a talent center, a new media center and a film and television marketing center. We have 9 producer studios and distrubution teams across the country, having highly professional production and distribution capacity in film,television series and web drams production and distribution.
Since the company has established for 18 years ,Inlook Media Group has pursued and succeeded in the branding and creation of an entire film and television production industry in chain. We have recently completed the company's strategy, which divides the company into five parts:Inlook Film, Inlook HUAN, IN MAX Entertainment , Inlook Media and Jing Shi Media. Inlook Film will be mainly responsible for the large-scale films production.Inlook HUAN will be mainly responsible for the network sereies production.
IN MAX is the overseas operation part to do the coopration with Hollywood and expend overseas market.
Inlook Media will still focus on the Television series production and distribution business. And the Jing Shi Media is responsible for the marketing and the development of the derivative. Following the new company strategy, Inlook Media Grop will continue to focus on the professional film,television and web sereies
production and aim to develop into an international company in the future.