CCTV Documentary International Media Co., Ltd


業種[Type]Other: Production Company
取扱カテゴリー[Category]Other: Docu-tainment
取扱コンテンツ[Content]Other: Docu-tainment

CCTV Documentary International Media Co., Ltd. (CDIMC) was established by China International Television Corporation. CDIMC is a non-fictional content provider committed to investment. CDIMC has produced many excellent documentaries, including Aerial China I & II, The Nation’s Greatest Treasures I & II, Su Dongpo, Chinese Captain, Memory in West Fujian, and Back to the Forest. It has also facilitated the production of CCTV’s key programs such as Dream Road, Every Treasure Tells a Story and China’s Mega Projects II & III. Currently, CDIMC is making many new documentary series including Aerial China III, China: Our Story, Beautiful Southeast Asia, The First Day, and China’s Greatest Treasures (A China-UK co-production documentary series). CDIMC has won many industrial awards for its productions, including “National Five One Award”, “Starlight Award”, “White Magnolia Award” and “Golden Kapok Award” and so on.