Republic of Korea


CategoryCG/Digital, Animation
ContentMovie, TV, Original
GenresLove・Romance, Educational, Drama, Comedy, Children, Action

Mofac Inc. is a creative studio founded on innovation, design and technology and has expanded its business into diverse entertainment sectors. Mofac Inc. has been internationally recognized for its works of VFX and motion graphics in more than 300 films, trailers and dramas in global markets such as Korea, China and Hollywood. The company has become an industry leader working with the world’s biggest titles and brands. Combining its expertise in technology and decades of experience with a strong roster of creative titles, the company aims to be a global entertainment company making innovative progress. The company has made partnerships with a number of major Chinese media entities and signed an exclusive deal with a major Hollywood studio to further develop larger-scale projects. The company seeks to establish a solid infrastructure for each unique division including films, VFX, motion graphics, TV, games and character business.