Beijing Red Dragon Culture Media Co., LTD.

TypeProduction / Film Commission/Film Fund / Publishing
CategoryLive-Action, Animation, Format
ContentMobile/Internet, Movie, Original
GenresLove・Romance, Sports, Drama, Action

Beijing Red Dragon Culture Media Co., LTD. was founded in 2015, formerly known as the professional film and television production team. It is a comprehensive film and television corporation integrating content production, artist resources, film production, publicity channel and derivative platform.
The Red Dragon Culture is a production, started with the two dimension video content, since then, it provides comprehensive, film and television production and service for the domestic excellent video content companies, film and television website, new media and the two dimensional wide area Corporation.
In 2016, the Red Dragon Culture officially launched the large-scale comprehensive IP project, "Legend of Magical Journey", covering the diversified content of film, television, novels, comics, stage plays, games, and the related products. The IP takes the network film and television product as the entrance, successfully expands the market.