Chinese Television System

TypeTV Broadcasting / Production / Distribution
CategoryOther, Animation
ContentTV, Home Entertainment
GenresDrama, Children

Founded in 1971, Chinese Television System (CTS) has been a key terrestrial TV channel in Taiwan. As a leading TV channel broadcaster, CTS is famous for its high quality programs, and it had won numerous awards. After joining Public Broadcasting System , CTS has concerned itself more with public interest of civil society, in producing programs with quality, modern tech and creativity. CTS media compound is a base of TV production in Taiwan, conveniently located in the heart of Taipei city. The Compound-“CTS Alfa Media Compound”has 15 well-equipped modern studios and extensive office building. Facing the trend of media convergence, CTS strives to provide most responsive and trust-worthy infocommunication services for Chinese communities delivering best contents and services throughout the local and global audiences.