Perfect World Pictures Co., LTD

TypeProduction / Publishing / Other

業種[Type]Other: Produce & Distribution Media Group
取扱ジャンル [Genres]Other: TV Drama

In the twelve years since inception, Perfect World Pictures (PWPIC) has established itself as a leading entertainment company in China, engaging in the production, distribution and marketing, content related advertising and merchandising business, as well as talent management business.
On the television side, the company produces between eight hundred to one thousand episodes of TV dramas every year, and is recognized as one of the top TV drama production houses in the nation. The company achieved this by signing up top TV drama directors and producers under exclusive deals, and expanded production capacity by establishing strategic partnerships with top production teams around the country.
On the film side, PWPIC announced a long term co-financing deal with Universal Studios on Feb. 2016, which represents the first time a Chinese company directly invests in a multi-year slate deal with a major U.S studio. This deal gradually paid back and reached a brand new height by capturing 3 Oscar Awards (incl. a major award Best Actor from Darkest Hours) in 2018. Besides the co-financing deals, the company pushed its global expansion into a new level by establishing a joint venture company Perfect Village with the well-accomplished global film studio Village Roadshow Pictures.