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China Television Asia Pacific International Media was established in 2013. In the early stage, it mainly engaged in international cultural exchanges. It hosted many overseas calligraphy and painting exhibitions and ceramic art exhibitions. In 2016, he began to participate in overseas film and television cooperation projects. In 2017, the first co-production film "Zhanba Blossom" was produced with the National Film Bureau of Lao People's Democratic Republic and the Youth Film Studio. In November 2018, the film was granted a film release license by the National Film Bureau of China, and a nationwide release was arranged with January 2019. In January 2019, a partnership agreement was signed with the Royal Cambodian National Film Agency for the first co-production of the film, Dawn of the Holy Land, which will start before the end of this year. Preliminary preparations are also under way for film cooperation projects with the Government of Pakistan and the Government of Cyprus. Our company is committed to making use of film and television cooperation to do a good job in publicity, telling good Chinese stories, enhancing the feelings between people of different countries, letting the Chinese people understand the world, and more importantly, letting the people of the world know China. This year, our company will also cooperate with the Lao National Film Bureau to take the first TV series on the background of the construction of China Railway and the old fellow railway, so that the Chinese and old people will have a better understanding of the bright future brought by the "one belt and one road" initiative.