Beijing Silk Road World Culture & Communication Co. Ltd

TypePost Production/Translation / Advertising / Publishing
CategoryLive-Action, Music, Animation, Other
ContentMovie, TV, Publication

取扱カテゴリー[Category]Other: Program planning

Beijing Silk Road World Culture & Communication Co. Ltd is a leading media producer, the business of which covers 1) planning and producing films and TV programs, 2) recording TV products, films, and music sound tacks, 3) organizing global art and cultural exchanges, cooperation, exhibitions and trade fairs, and 4) providing art design for stage events and other activities.
The company is a pioneer in the production of documentaries, movies, TV dramas, and variety shows. With rich experience and expertise, it has produced many world-class works and won numerous honors at home and abroad. The company is also a stable source of original high-quality videos for CCTV and major mainstream networks.