Shanghai TV Festival

TypeIndustrial Union / Guild / Organization
ContentMovie, TV, Other

取扱カテゴリー[Category]Other: The film and television works
取扱コンテンツ[Content]Other: Show
取扱ジャンル [Genres]Other: The film and television works

Since its inception in 1986, Shanghai TV Festival has been adhering to its philosophy of professionalism, internationalism and benefiting the people, constantly innovating the festival mechanism, improving the service level and enhancing the brand influence. Now, having made itself one of the most important international TV exchange platforms in Asia, Shanghai TV Festival plays an active role in promoting the development of Chinese TV culture and TV industry, facilitating Chinese and foreign TV culture exchanges, launching the “Shanghai Culture” brand and building Shanghai into a global film and TV creation center. The 25th Shanghai TV Festival is scheduled to be held from June 10 to 14, 2019.
The Shanghai TV Festival, taking implementing the call of the Party and the state of promoting the prosperity of the socialist TV art in the new era as its own responsibility and mission, inspires the TV workers to portrait, document and enlighten he times, create more refined works for the people and render a Chinese theater ever on with the people-centered creation orientation and an unswerving cultural self-confidence.
Main events including the Magnolia Awards International TV Program Selection, International TV Showcase, Internet Summit, TV Market, STV Forum, and Magnolia Awards Ceremony will be held during the 5-day 25th Shanghai TV Festival, which will be the perfect stage for the wisdom and creativity of the TV workers.