Republic of Korea

PlayOnCast Corp.

TypeTV Broadcasting / Sales Agent / Production
CategoryAnimation, Format, CG/Digital
ContentCharacter, Movie, Mobile/Internet
GenresLove・Romance, Horror, Suspense, Educational, Sports, Drama, Documentary, Comedy, Children, Action, Music (Pops), Music (Other), Music (Idol/Animation/Game), Music (Classic/Jazz)

PlayOnCast Corp. is a leading company in the field of planning, production and overseas distribution of competitive broadcasting contents such as VR-AR-4K-8K, UHD4K(HDR)-8K and HD program in various genres, It is a media and content specialist company that circulates broadcasting culture industry. In addition to providing globalization solutions for broadcasting programs and media,

We have also been produced the Asia's best UHD4K 'Future City Chernobyl (HDR), the world's most exciting touring destinations, Galapagos, and Classic Linage-Piano Forte' and differentiated programs. We are constantly playing a role as a broadcasting partner to create and share.